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Self Publishing Guide

The Open Publishing Guide is a resource driven website that provides you with information on the process of self publishing. This site will help you research all aspects of self publishing including book planning, creation, design and publishing. At this site you will find:

  • Tools to assist you to move your self-publication from an idea to a tangible item
  • A glossary of terms relating to publishing information on publishing, design, copyrights and printing
  • Latest news relating to the most current publishing trends
  • Video tutorials to help you through the publishing process
  • Book production templates to assist you in the making of your publication.

The Open Publishing Guide also provides guidance to select the self publishing sites that will accommodate your idea, material and project. Their Self Publishing Adviser software helps you choose the right on-demand publisher for the goals of your project.

The goal of the site is to assist you in self publishing your work.

The guide was created by RIT, The Rochester Institute of Technology

Seth Godin's Advice for Authors

Seth Godin has some great tips and advice for authors, or those considering writing a book.

Lessons Learned from Publishing a Book

Mark Hurst, describes lessons learned from publishing a book in his article: Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known. Several good tips there and from my experiences working with a publisher they are spot on.

This article can help you understand the benefits and draw backs of self publishing your book.

Blurb: Self Publishing Software and Service

The Blurb is giving away free self publishing software. You can easily create Cookbooks, Photo Books, Baby Books, Blog Books, and more using their templates.

You can then sell your book on their site.

blurb self publishing

5 Reasons Why Book Authors Should write Blog

Here's some reasons why you should start writing a blog.

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • Create a platform, and an auidance to sell your book to.
  • Allow interaction with your readers.
  • Make some money selling ads or using Amazon associates.
  • Test out ideas on content on your readers.

What's a blook?

The word blook is a combination of the words blog and book.

What's a blog you ask? well your reading one. They are nothing more than a chronological collection of writing found on a web site.

So a blook is a book that is published first on a blog, and then after editing, and feedback put to press.

Blooks can even be a marketing tool for your book once it is published.

Lulu Blooker Prize for Blooks

The Lulu Blooker Prize is the world's first literary prize devoted to "blooks": books based on blogs or websites.

Prizes total $4,000. There are three categories fiction, non-fiction, and comics.

5 Things learned while writing a book

Bob Walsh, the author of Micro-ISV: From vision to reality, has posted five lessions learned from writing the book:

  • Write Every Day First
  • Keep a book log
  • Do your research, know your questions
  • Cite your sources and credit others and use the net gingerly.
  • Don't miss deadlines.

You can read more about each tip on his blog.

Authors eBook Experience

The daily pundit shares his experiences self publishing an ebook.

Coffee Table Photo Book with Flickr and QOOP

Roland Tanglao shows off his new 565 page photo book containing a collection of photos from his flickr photos. The book was printed by QOOP.

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